Asian Reggae Sistas Tour

This month! Our dearest friend Chakka C’s crew UmmU

is finally going to do some big things!

5 ‘Asian ReggaeSistas’

from Japan, Singapore and China will gather

for the first time, bringing you Jah love gently…

DB Bros’s Dj Raddam Ras will get on board at Modernsky Lab Beijing

Line-Up :

Machaco (Japan/日本)

ChaCha (China/中国)

Chakka C (Singapore/新加坡)

Cvalda (China/中国)

Aivilox (China/中国)

Raddam Ras (DB Bros/China/中国)

Where ?

Modernsky Lab

ModernSky Lab is in Building D or Galaxy Soho. That’s the left breast when you’re standing at the main entrance, looking at both breasts of the Galaxy SOHO.  The room number is 5-108 on the B1 level.

Machaco (Japan)

Beaming through the rays of Jah music, Machaco’s flavour of Lover’s Rockshakes every dance floor! With heartfelt lyrics and devoted melodies combinedwith beauty and power for a unique voice that serenades and enchants each listenerto sway and smile.

Machaco’s work spreads positivity like the strong rays of sunshine,full of Jamaican island vibes and seen as the best Asian singstress to carry authentic Jamaican culture and energy.

ChaCha (China)

Over the last 7 or 8 years, ChaCha has quickly become one of the most exciting and celebrated independent artists to come out of China. A vocalist and musician since a very young age, ChaCha has managed to break out of the usually quite sheltered music scene in her hometown of ZunYi, GuiZhou and has made musical waves around the world.

Since moving to Shanghai in 2005 and joining China’a largest bass music crew, Uprooted Sunshine/Sub-Culture, she has been exposed to a huge variety of music at her regular spot, The Shelter, and has naturally adopted these styles and genres like no other local artist. From recording with international artists such as Clive Chin, Kode9, Adrian Sherwood, Disrupt, The Bug, Rumi, Hamacide, Vibronics, Desto, Jimi Tenor and Matthieu Chedid, to releasing music on labels such as VP/Randy’s, Hyperdub, Jahtari, 502 and Tokyo’s Black Smoker Records, she also keeps her feet firmly rooted in the local scene and works closely with Chinese artists such as Wordy Soulspeak, Webber, In3, A-Long,J Fever and Chee Productions (of which she is also a member).

Chakka C (Singapore)

CHAKKA C is another moniker of Christy Chow, creator of UmmU.

Besides preparing for international legends to tour China, she has ventured into moreways to spread good vibrations. With a rotation of reggae, dub, beats and a breeze of tropical sunshine, to cross minds and change frequencies on an audible platform.

Since starting “Flea Fly Flo Fun” flea market in Singapore from 2010, marrying music with activities has always been a joy and treat for her. Re-igniting the flames with a residency at with Heavy Hong Kong at “Dubwise” in Hong Kong, Chakka C has performed to crowds of smile across Asia, focusing on suistainable conscious creations.

Cvalda (China)

Chengdu based producer/DJ Cvalda loves electronic music for years. Back in 2006, she founded the club Underground and the music website with DJ LEE, laying the beats for Chengdu’s underground party scene to follow. In 2009, she started to produce music and joined local music label Mintone Records. In 2010, she became a DnB DJ and been active in Chinese underground scene. In 2014, she established her own DJing style, started to explore the possibilities of experimental and minimal drum& bass music.

Same year, she founded underground bass music group ‘MIST’, dedicated to promoting her special music taste all over China, bringing artists like Nanci & Phoebe (Congo Natty), Tippa Irie, U-Brown, Dub Phizix & Strategy, Jubei & SP:MC, Roy Green, Homemade Weapons, Fearful, Arkaik, Fre4knc etc. to China.

Watch out for her new releases in the near future.
Or, her truck load of vinyls from the international HQs of soundsystems!

Aivilox (China)

Aivilox comes from Guiyang and lives in Shanghai, is one of the founders of Chinese alternative music & culture magazine <Juzhen>, and she used to render services to crews like Uprooted Sunshine, and Sub-Culture.
She took the promotional and resident role at the legendary venue The Shelter after returning from abroad, and also began to run her monthly party series Lost Cargo at there. Aivilox’s music tentacles reach to dance, movie and drama, and fascinated by music that touches the root and soul, in the premise of emotional and physical rhythm, effortlessly switching among genres.

Raddam Ras a.k.a MC Webber (DB Bros)

Singer, DJ, Producer, Beat maker and Founder of the rap crew Section 6. Raddam Ras is well known in China under the name of MC Webber for his career as a rapper and for making conscious music. He released a solo album in 2011, which was a nationwide blast.

After a trip in Spain, Raddam Ras started working with different artists from the local and foreign scenes. He started putting up some reggae show, hosting as a DJ and working with a lot of personalities of the reggae scene such as the french reggae singer Big Red (Raggasonic), the infamous Brother Culture, the great Tippa Irie or even the Japanese Papa U-Gee. 

Not satisfied yet, Raddam Ras started linking reggae with electronic. For him Reggae is a music that can fit in every other musical genre, and it plays an important role in the development and influence of reggae in China. DJ Raddam RAS (Mc Webber) is bringing a powerful vibe in what we call the “Future Reggae”, using earthquake shaking bass and amazingly powerful drums that will force you to move no matter what! A live culture shock between Jamaican roots and powerful electronic Drum&Bass, a slice of Hip-hop and just what you need of Funk. Get ready to let your soul into a new power dynamic impact!

3 Cities !


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