Biggaton Ni Hao China Tour 2017

Biggaton is Once again coming to Beijing for his NI HAO China Tour to share the Jamaican vibes with us at Hotcat Club!

Reggae / Dancehall artist deeply rooted in Jamaican music come and listen to the flow of this authentic musician brought by DB bros records

Biggaton will be joined on stage by two of the DB Bros crew : Raddam Ras and General Huge and Abrah from Tanzania


Date: 18th of August 2017 Friday

Biggaton, Raddam Ras, General Huge, Abrah

Music : Reggae, Dub, Dancehall and Jungle

Venue : Hot Cat Club Beijing


Biggaton (JA)

Kevin Roye a.k.a. Biggaton was born on April 17 and grew up in Mandeville. He attended the Mandeville All Age School from where he gained a scholarship to Holmwood Technical High. He began deejaying while at Holmwood Technical High with the help of his friends. Biggaton said, “I was once suspended from school because I would not stop deejaying. While I was going to school a friend of mine introduced me to a band by the name of Traffic Jam and I have gotten the privilege to perform on a lot of anti-drug school concerts and stage shows all over Jamaica. They also released my first song Equal Living”. Biggaton is well known in Jamaica and internationally.
He has performed on many stage shows such as Rebel Salute ’96 in Mandeville, Garnet’s Silk Birthday Bash ’96 in Ochio Rios and Luciano’s Birthday Bash ’96 in Central Village St. Catherine. Biggaton has toured the Cayman Island between June 18-23, 1996 with deejays Buccaneer, Dirty Birty, Alfrancis, Major Bones and D. Radcliff.
During the year 1999 the conscious artist release tunes call “What a Ting” a song on the compilation album named “Istick in the cloud”. As this conscious artist continue to move to higher heights in the year 2000 he performed in England on the More Fire tour with Capleton. On Jamaica’s top annual stage shows such as More Culture 2001 held in Montego Bay, and the annual show “Rebel Salute” , “Still Blazing” at the Mandeville Greenvale Complex with international artist Capleton and the David House Family, Cocoa Tea, Culture Knox and many more top performers. In 2003, he also performed on “St. Mary wi come from”, “Everton Blender Birthday Bash” and “G.T. Taylor Extravaganza”.
On 21st January 2005 his album produced by Hector ‘Istick’ Dawkins from the Pleasant Hill Records was launched in Jacksonville Florida and Co-distributed by VP RECORDS and PLEASANT HILL RECORDS. The name of the album is “Eyes of the Wise” and
is now available in stores. Biggaton was also on tour in the United States of America (U.S.A.)
He was in and out of the (U.S.A.) for the entire 2005, touring over 21 states. He also toured the US virgin island in 2005.

In 2006 he performed on most of the major shows in Jamaica.

Since 2007 he toured places like Barbados, Grenada, and Trinidad and Tobago.
Biggaton said his words of wise ness to the youths are “Love yourself, be true and be the best of who you are in righteousness


Raddam Ras (ZH) ak MC Webber

The iconic local rap legend MC Webber is recognized has one of the pioneer of Chinese rap. With 10 years experience as a DJ and nearly 20 years experience as a rapper, Raddam Ras aka MC Webber has achieve quite a lot in the musical field. He has given over 500 concerts and he’s the creator of the multi-messages lyrics in Chinese rap. In 2007 he started being interested in the reggae genre, organizing some Roots Reggae, Hip-hop, Funk and Drum&Bass combination events with his band “北京现场体验”. In 2011 he released his first solo album “Ghetto Food” introducing a combination of all these musical styles.

After a trip in Spain, Raddam Ras started working with different artists from the local and foreign scenes. He started putting up some reggae show, hosting as a DJ and working with a lot of personalities of the reggae scene such as the french reggae singer Big Red (Raggasonic), the infamous Brother Culture, the great Tippa Irie or even the Japanese Papa U-Gee.

Not satisfied yet, Raddam Ras started linking reggae with electronic. For him Reggae is a music that can fit in every other musical genre, and it plays an important role in the development and influence of reggae in China. DJ Raddam RAS (Mc Webber) is bringing a powerful vibe in what we call the “Future Reggae”, using earthquake shaking bass and amazingly powerful drums that will force you to move no matter what! A live culture shock between Jamaican roots and powerful electronic Drum&Bass, a slice of Hip-hop and just what you need of Funk. Get ready to let your soul into a new power dynamic impact!


General Huge (FR)

General Huge is a Ragga, Reggae, Dancehall singer, songwriter and beat maker. During the early years of his career, the General previously recorded two albums in France, one with the French singer Matt and a solo album. He’s part of a band in Beijing: Ultimate Band Crew (UBC). He toured the whole China with UBC between June and September 2016. UBC also brought Perfect Giddimani for a China tour with them on November 2015.

He is also the co-founder and CEO of DB Bros Records, the first and exclusively dedicated to reggae, record label ever built in China.

He exported the concept of “One Riddim Album” in China by having different famous reggae artists singing on his label productions such as Perfect Giddimani, Chuck Fendah, Naptali, Elijah Prophet, Aima Moses, Mikey Wild and many more.

On stage, General Huge made several cooperation during his career, either alongside his band UBC or solo, opening for the Chinese reggae band 龙神道 (Long Sheng Dao), but also for the UK dancehall stars Tippa Irie and Ras Demo as well as Nancy and Phoebe from Congo Natty, or Lady Chann, the UK dancehall queen. He also worked with the one and only Heavy HK, the old raggamuffin veteran U-Brown as well as the French reggae singer Don Camilo.


Abrah (TZ)

ABRAH is a Tanzanian artist from the Haya Tribe. He was formed at the Tasuba College in Bagamoyo, Tanzania (most popular college for music and arts in East and Central Africa) where he studied music and piano. He did collaborations in Tanzania with famous artists such as Ally Nipishe, Makamua but also the rapper Gnako from the band Weusi. He style generally ranges from rap, to reggae, but he’s really eclectic and comfortable in many other styles of music



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