DB Dancehall Soundsystem Vol.4


Sistakilla.l | Solgi | Rawhx | General Huge


2018-07-28 FRI 22:00 | 2018-07-28周五10点开始


Tongli Building 3rd Floor (South Entrance) Sanlitun Bar Street

北京市朝阳区三里屯同里3层 302室


Door:60 |  现场60

DB Bros dancehall soundsystem volume 4 on July 28th 

A mix between Reggae, Dancehall, Hip-Hop, Bass Music and more to make you feel the vibes all night ! Alongside the ones and only DJ Solgi coming straight from the Bahamas and Sistakilla.l, playing you the finest and newest dancehall tunes. And with the Mc’s Rawhx and General Huge that will keep the fire blazing until the morning light!

Who are DB BROS ?

DB Bros Records (DB Bros) is the first record label from China dedicated to reggae and dancehall. This music label has been created by three friends all currently living in Beijing, China; Raddam Ras (aka. Mc Webber)Ewo Flint and General Huge are confirmed musicians evolving in music for more than a decade. DB Bros Records aim is to promote the reggae movement in and out China, by producing projects with both international and local artists, promoting international artists locally and local artists internationally. DB Bros is not only releasing singles, EPs and LPs every year, but also spreading their own music through sound-systems, tours, showcases and concerts.


Solgi is one of the hottest younger Performers coming out of the Bahamas. Not one to be a prisoner to any one genre, his live sets show no bounds by including genres such as Reggae, Dancehall, Hip Hop, Rap, and Tropical House that attracts crowds from far and wide. He has been blessed to have the opportunity to have his music spun all over the Bahamas and China.

Solgi has played in several very popular areas in Beijing such as Gongti, Wudaokou, as well as Gulou where he became the resident DJ for Samans Bar.Additionally, in 2016 he toured China with Ultimate Band Crew performing in places such as Xian, Lanzhou, and Yinchuan. Solgi has a passion for music and his career. He is determined to become successful.


In his work, he likes to record the moment that happens in the everyday life through the gloomy drums.  In lyrics, he is good at using clever pun phrases to give each song a different perspective. At the same time, he is also a fanatic of Reggae music, following the roots and deep vibes. His wishes are to try and mix different musical styles. His desire is to make a music album that integrates various styles such as Blues, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Techno, and Rockabilly.

He believes that each song is an essay. Each album is a book. In order to convey personal views correctly, the voice of a musician is responsible, so he is still trying hard to explore, and strive to elaborate with real dedication. A music concept.


Rawhx van Marley is a dancehall reggae hiphop artist/writer  coming from Zambia his stage presence is like no other, mixing reggae dancehall RnB and hiphop to capture his audience. The energy he gives out when he is performing is unforgettable this has gotten him recognition in beijing and beyond he is shared the stage with some of the best beijing local musician

And also international artists from different parts of the work.his talent is now appropriated more then ever because of his unique twist he incorporates to his music.


General Huge is a Ragga, Reggae, Dancehall singer, songwriter and beat maker. During the early years of his career, the General previously recorded two albums in France, one with the French singer Matt and a solo album. He was part of a band in Beijing: Ultimate Band Crew (UBC). He toured the whole China with UBC between June and September 2016. UBC also brought Perfect Giddimani for a China tour with them on November 2015, thanks to IMCG Global.

He is also the co-founder of DB Bros Records, the first and exclusively dedicated to reggae, record label ever built in China.

He exported the concept of “One Riddim Album” in China by having different famous reggae artists singing on his label productions such as Perfect Giddimani, Chuck Fendah, Naptali, Elijah Prophet, Aima Moses, Lutan Fyah, Mikey Wild and many more.

On stage, General Huge made several cooperation during his career, either alongside his band UBC or solo, opening for Jamaican superstars Anthony B, Skarra Mucci, Perfect Giddimani, the Chinese reggae band 龙神道 (Long Sheng Dao), but also for the UK dancehall stars Tippa Irie and Ras Demo as well as Nancy and Phoebe from Congo Natty, or Lady Chann, the UK dancehall queen. He also worked with the one and only Heavy HK, the old raggamuffin veteran U-Brown as well as the French reggae singers Don Camilo and taiwan MC.