DB Dancehall Soundsystem Vol.9 – Special 90’s


Nino Brown / Solgi / Sistakilla.L / King Lion Miguel / General Huge


2019-02-22 FRI 22:00 | 2019-02-22周五10点


Tongli Building 3rd Floor (South Entrance) Sanlitun Bar Street

北京市朝阳区三里屯同里3层 302室


Door:80 |  现场 80

DB Bros’s first party since the New Year, so let’s go back in time ! This time we let Aurora become the reggae yard of the 1990s. Nasty Ray, the Original Hip Hop character from Natural Flavor, will use the name Nino Brown as guest for DB Bros. He will share some reggae music that he has collected for many years, Sistakilla.l will also select some music that matches the theme of the night, and our “Bahamas Bad Boy” Solgi is also back! The three Selectors will slowly move from the Roots Reggae, Love Rock and Ska of the 1960s and 1970s to the eastern United States and the Caribbean of the 1990s. The entire atmosphere is controlled by the 2 Mcs General Huge from France and King Lion Miguel from Cameroon. Let’s share the vibes all night long ! Sweet sweet music !