First Dancehall album exclusively produced in China, Irie D brings the vibes!

Blessed love to all reggae and dancehall lovers. Russian producer and songwriter Irie D, currently living in China, is finally releasing his first Dancehall EP this Friday June 12th! “Basshall Feeva” is the first full Dancehall project to be released from China Mainland, a 4-tracks EP that blends modern dancehall and afro vibes. Irie D teams up with Russian singers Yaga-Yaga and Papa Layan but also with Bahamas artist Solgi, Zambian artist Rawhx and none other than dancehall artist Ric Spade from Ghana.

Irie D a.k.a Diman IRIE is a Dj and producer from Russia with a huge selection of dance music based on ragga style. He started as an underground reggae performer on 2004 with his band The Roots Rockaz and the infamous soundsystem DubStayshan. In 2008 he started his own Dj performance. His favorite styles varies from Reggae, Dancehall to Trap and Moombah music. Irie D performed live in India (Delhi, Goa), Indonesia (Bali), Thailand (Ko-Pangan, Bangkok), Philippines (Boracay, Panglao), Vietnam (Nha Trang), Cambodia (Koh Rong island), China, and Russia. He also shared the stage withThe Wailers (JA), DubKasmSolo Banton (UK), Top Cat (JA), Demolition man (UK), Jackie Murda,Tippa Irie (UK) or Korostyle (Ghana/UK). In 2012 Irie D decided to get on a higher level with producing it’s own original music ). In May 2014 he also became co-founder of FatBass movement in Guangzhou, China. On April 1st 2018, Irie D released his first project “Foshan EP” on iTunes. An EP in full collaboration with the wicked singer Yaga-Yaga.