Jamaican legend I Kong coming back straight from Jamaica !




I-Kong |  Skunga (coming straight from Jamaica / 来自牙买加) | Sistakilla.l | General Huge 


2019-09-20 FRI 22:00 | 2019-09-20 周五 10点



Tongli Building 3rd Floor (South Entrance) Sanlitun Bar Street

北京市朝阳区三里屯同里3层 302室


Door:60 |  现场 60


DB Bros “Beverley’s Records Night”

“Beverley’s Records” was founded in 1961 as one of the most famous music record label in Jamaica. It was formerly an ice cream and record store in the capital of Kingston, 135 Orange Street. Founded by Jamaican Chinese Leslie Kong, which played a vital role in the history of Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae music, releasing albums for the famous Jamaican singer Jimmy Cliff, recording the first two singles of Bob Marley : “Judge Not” and “One Cup of Coffee”…

For this event, we invited Leslie Kong’s nephew, Jamaican Chinese legendary singer “I Kong” and his younger son “Skunga Kong”. We will play Beverley’s Records music that night. The classic Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae & Lovers Rock music, and we will use the ticket to help fund the next album by I Kong and Chengdu’s amazing Reggae Band Jah Wah Zoo. Let’s show our respect to those who have contributed to the history of music. Blessings…


I Kong is the nephew of Leslie Kong, producer of many reggae bands from the early days, including The Wailers. I Kong is a member of the famous Ska/Rocksteady band “The Jamaicans” and writes the classic legendary song “Ba Ba Boom”! In 79 years, I Kong released the album “The Way It Is”. In 2006, the top reggae label “VP Record” in Jamaica launched a re-published the album, once again promoted to the global modern reggae channel. In 2015, it became the focus of Reggae International fans again! Now, he holds the flag of China, Jamaica and he’s passing through European countries every year. Among them, the UK’s largest reggae festival One Love Festival. I Kong wants to pass Rasta knowledge to the younger generation.

Skunga Kong

Skunga Kong is the third generation following the founder of Jamaican Chinese Music Record label Beverley’s Records. His shed production capacity is strongly promoted and affirmed by Sly & Robbie, Inner Circle’s first generation lead singer Delroy Melody, famous remix master Small World’s Bravo, and flaming band Raging Fyah’s lead singer Kumar in recent years. His carefully selected Tabernacle Posse is the largest classic reggae crew in the St. Elizabeth area. The work has been pushed repeatedly by Reggaeville, the number one reggae website of Europe.