New MV for Natanja !

Hailing from the island of Guadeloupe in the French West Indies, Natanja – also known as “The French Lion” – is a French Reggae/Dancehall artist. A versatile singjay-style vocalist, he began his musical career after moving to Paris in 2000 and has released 5 albums to date.

After initially honing his vocal skills in the Lootayard studio, alongside artists such as Biga Ranx,Joseph Cotton, Colonel Maxwell and Nephtaly, he began making a name for himself among hardcore freestyle fans due to his distinctive gruff, gravelly tone and rapid fire chatting. A close associate of the international Reggae/Dancehall artist Lyricson, Natanja soon linked up with the”Black Unite” crew, best known for their mixtape “Armagedeon” and responsible for some of the most legendary events that took place on the Paris underground reggae scene in the early 2000s. In 2010, Natanja began collaborating with the renowned French reggae artist Naâman. Extensive concerts and dates followed and working with Naâman marked an important turning point for Natanja.

This hot streak led to a trip to Jamaica the following year (2015), where Natanja worked on a new album,resulting in the militant roots tune, ‘Cries For Love’ featuring none other than Jah Mason himself! While on the island, Natanja also cut a tune for a compilation recorded in Kingston, featuring the artists Elephant Man,Turbulence, Jah Mason, Danny English and Hardio.His extensive talent was acknowledged during the French reggae awards – the “Victoires du Reggae”-  in 2016, where he was nominated in the “Local Reggae”category. His alliance with fellow performer Lyricson continues to this day; Natanja recently shared the stage with Lyricson as a guest artist, during the 2017 Rototom festival in Spain.

Big things are happening forNatanja in 2018. A return to Jamaica – the heartland of reggae – is just thestart. Stay tuned! Big tings a gwan ….