Shwaniyah – New Single “Get Up”

 DB Bros Records strikes again with a big dancehall hit ! Shwaniyah’s latest single “Get Up” is available exclusively in China this week. A powerful track that will make all dancehall lovers move!!!


She was present on the “Rumors of War Riddim” Released by DB Bros Records early 2018, with the track “Ghettos of China”.


This singer/songwriter and mother of identical twins, is currently an LLB Hons student in Birmingham England. Shwaniyah, the living fire lioness is originally from the village of Kinghill in the Caribbean island of Dominica which is one of the islands who have a fantastic relationship with the People’s Republic of China. When asked “What type of artist are you?”  Shwaniyah described herself as being an instrument of Music rather than the original creator/artist.  She said “I’m not an artist, I’m an instrument. Music flows through me. I don’t know how to stop it. Songs write me, beats play me and words literally use me.”

DB Bros has been working so hard to deliver the best quality always! Bless up! Expect some amazing exclusivity starting next week, we are now working in collaboration with one of the most prolific reggae music label worldwide, and we will distribute major artists project days before they even become available worldwide! Only the best for our China crowd!