Skarra Mucci “Dancehall President” China Tour

“Skarra Mucci” is an original Jamaican, a master of the rhyme and nicknamed the “Dancehall President” for his quick and heavy style. A versatile artist going from original Roots Reggae toRagga Muffin and even Jungle, Skarra is now one of the Major Artists worldwide, releasing heavy releases every few months. For this tour, he is bringing his selector, the highly talented “I-nity”  from Undisputed Records!


Hong Kong / 18.1.2018 / at XXX 

Line Up: 

I-nity (Undisputed Records) / Mouse FX / Hidden Dragon / Tom-I / Mr. 14 / Alex Croft / Rayshizzle / Inch aka 徐三又 / Blood Dunza


Shanghai / 19.1.2018 / at ALL 

Line Up: 
I-nity (Undisputed Records) / Jado+ Shohei (Far East Lion) /Skinny Brown (Popasuda)  /Blood Dunza (HEAVY HK)


Beijing / 20.1.2018 / at DADA

Line Up: 

I-nity (Undisputed Records) / Raddam Ras (DB Bros) / General Huge (DB Bros) / Blood Dunza (HEAVY HK)



Skarra Mucci is a Jamaican born artist, known as one of the most versatile singers of his generation. With constant changes between Soul, Gospel, Reggae – Dancehall, Rap and R&B his talent is incomparable and his endless lyrical flow and creativity make his style unique and they gave him the title “lyrics millionaire“. 

Skarra Mucci performed around the globe and has shared stages with the most known voices on this planet with a lot of great featuring with artist like Beenie Man, Dub inc, Yellow Man, Mad Professor with hits like: Greater than great, My Sound, Life So Rich, Dreader Than Dread, Bonx It Pon Me, Movie Star and many more.. 

He released 6 albums already his debut solo album Rise & Shine, followed by 912 a.k.a. Hot Like Fire In 2009, and a crossover Hip Hop album in 2010 called Skarraschizzo. In march 2012 he released his big called Return of the Raggamuffin that was crowned number 1 in all Europe above Sean Paul and many more Giants in the business and the last one in May 2014 “Greater Than Great” one of the best selling album in 2014 with the award of the best dancehall album in france. 

In January 2015, the label Undisputed Records takes over the management of Skarra Mucci with some severals projects like the new album “Dancehall President” Release with a special latin Edtion for Spain & South America and many releases on vinyl like the hit track made with the entourloop crew who is reaching 5 Millions of views on youtube …

Skarra Mucci is just unstoppable, with strings of hits, creative videos and his generous live performance combined with his unique voice, made him the best raggamuffin performing in this time.After years of performing with big bands all over the globe, Skarra Mucci is nowavailable with his band dub akom, coming to a town near you, so look out for Skarra Mucci

Blessings to all the world and watch out for the Real Raggamuffin is coming your way !