Symbiz New EP “Broken Chinese 2”

Cantonese Rap/Bass/Ragga music out of Kreuzberg, Berlin!

Symbiz are back with their notion of kick-ass Bass music. Embedded in Cantonese Lyrics their music incessantly pushes forward. Thrilling and in constant motion, Symbiz plays around with influences of Dancehall, Hip-hop and Trap. On their second EP from the series “Broken Chinese” (Release: Jan. 25th 2018) Symbiz mix their many experiences of the last years. The Duo has celebrated their ecstatic shows from Venezuela to Zimbabwe to India to Palestine.From rave-parties in major cities to festivals in the outback- the sound of Symbiz is molded by their own interpretation and vision of a world in which different cultures coexist peacefully and naturally. Symbiz are not limited by man-made borders, they playfully incorporate influences from the Caribbean, London, Accra and the Outer Space.

As a production team SYMBIZ are constantly on the lookout forfresh, new styles and inspirations. Therefor they always search forlike-minded collaborators around the globe, may they be the up-and-coming township rap sensation or well established heroes of bass-heavy music.