Symbiz New MV + Broken Chinese Tour #2

Symbiz latest EP ‘Broken Chinese” 2 is already out, check out their latest music video “Ngaai Him” right now !

As a production team SYMBIZ are constantly on the lookout for fresh, new styles and inspirations. Therefor they always search for like-minded collaborators around the globe, may they be the up-and-coming township rap sensation or well established heroes of bass-heavy music.

Symbiz will be on tour in China starting March 9th, 2018 and until March 17th, coming on Hong Kong Sonar Festival. Don’t miss this chance to see them live !

YEERUH!  Symbiz made a big impact in the China with their Broken Chinese EP1 and their 8 stops Tour last year with HEAVY HK !  This year, Symbiz returns to China with their brand new “Broken Chinese EP2”. In March 2018, Symbiz headlines Sonar HK Festival plus 7 stops in Southern China.