When Hip-hop comes back!

China, England, France and the United States have teamed up to create the long-lost meaning of real hip-hop, the return of the music warriors

Filmed in Beijing, China, but as an international collaboration from the French producer DJ Seboo, the Chinese MC Webber, the UK MC Apex Zero and the US MC Jackson Turner, Music Souljahs truly embodies the universal nature of hip-hop music. Filmed by Beijing’s own Yi Film Productions, released by DB Bros records and video released by Global Faction, the music video shows a genuine and unedited depiction of Beijing streets. The video already made more than 180K views in China !!!

A true soldier is someone who fights for justice and righteousness. We spell soldier “souljah” because we are fighting with our words and our souls, not with violence. Music Souljahs are musicians who use their music and poetry in a righteous way to enlighten others.

Hip-hop comes from righteous origins. The first organization to define the culture of hip-hop and spread it internationally, the Universal Zulu Nation, were also music souljahs. They believe in giving poor street kids a voice through music, art and dance to express to the world a message that many choose to ignore. We are carrying on this tradition and continuing to spread real hip-hop culture to the world.

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