WICKED WICKED | China Reggae All-Stars Tour

Wicked Wicked is an unprecedented performance, that converge a group of music pioneers who are exploring reggae music in China. These musicians are from various music fields, such as Dub, Drum and Bass, electronic music, Jungle, dancehall, Reggae, Hip-hop and more. Though everyone has a strong personal music style, for the love, passion and dedication to the music, they decided to merge together.

And the one who join the performance, is also the one that has no limitation in music and in exploring the unknown field of music as a vanguard. In this combination of different styles of music, people will find out unique experience with a brand new created music world and feel the real things coming from the hearts.

Please note that this is not a formalized performance, this is a big buildup of the China Reggae All-Star tour that you’ve never experienced before. Let’s see you there! Starting November 18th at Yue Space, Beijing! Come and join us, We will enjoy the unique atmosphere and the crazy music combinations together. The Wicked Wicked !! The Wicked Wicked !!!

This nation’s finest Reggae artists are gathered to debut “China Reggae All Stars Tour” through 6 city, ringing up this year in an epic style, bringing the best Reggae Music to you !


Blood Dunza (Heavy HK) | Mouse FX | RasRankin

ChaCha | Jado (Far East Lion) | Shohei (Far East Lion)

Raddam Ras (DB Bros) | General Huge (DB Bros)


2017-11-18 SAT 20:30

2017-11-23 THU 20:30

2017-11-24 FRI 20:30

2017-11-25 SAT 20:30

2017-12-01 FRI 20:30

2017-12-02 SAT 20:30


Beijing | Guangzhou | Hong Kong | Shenzhen | Kunming | Guiyang


Presale:120 | Door:150 

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Blood Dunza aka Lai Fai Founder of Heavy Hong Kong crew .He has been promoting Drum n’ Bass and Reggae in Hong Kong for the last decade. The mission has spread all over mainland China in recent years.  Blood Dunza played at Outlook Festival in Croatia 2012 , Toured Germany , Belgium, Japan, Thailand , Vietnam , Singapore , Philippines , Cambodia , India and all over China. Featured on Red Bull UK and Dubspot and listed as “One of Hong Kong Top Night” on CNNGo, Blood Dunza has shared the decks with many heavy weights.


Over the last 7 or 8 years, ChaCha has quickly become one of the most exciting and celebrated independent artists to come out of China. A vocalist and musician since a very young age, ChaCha has managed to break out of the usually quite sheltered music scene in her hometown of ZunYi, GuiZhou and has made musical waves around the world.


MouseFX阿鼠为香港的雷鬼制作人歌手,乐队Sensi Lion主音/ Dub Master,声音系统HeavyHongKong的客人Singjay,自2015年开始,过着街头艺人生活,早上预备音轨,晚上四出以“MouseFX阿鼠流动音效“名义,以发展自60年代牙买加录音室混音手法为蓝本,以混音器作为乐手乐器的演出方式,歌曲简化成八音轨配以即兴音效和编排,配以广东话雷鬼说唱逐渐活跃于街头,低音派对和各音乐节为低音派对重香港雷鬼说唱时期,曾与世界各地多位国际雷鬼明星/声音系统同台演出交流如LongFinger(GER),兄弟文化(英国),蒋亮的声音系统(CN) Finn(英国),Horseman,Papa-ugee(JPN),Masia One(SNG),Machaco(JPN),Tippa Irie,Top Cat,Mungo’s hifi(英国),Jado(CN),Red I&Big Answer(PHIL) ,Charlie P(英国),Fatty(英国),Horseman,Congo Natty,U Brown(JA),Iration Steppas(英国),Don Camilo(FR),Ras Demo(英国),Levy(英国),JStar英国)等等 经藏龙(英国)引荐下与国际知名制作人JStar(UK)合作并于2016年尾推出歌曲“俾啲反应”(收录于JStar专辑待命),该粤语歌曲成为专辑内唯一的中文歌,“俾啲反应”在欧洲获重大回响,如意大利的雷鬼谷雷鬼和舞蹈十大第三位,在人气除声音系统雷鬼烘焙中热播。以粤语雷鬼于国际舞台渐受注目


JADO’s reggae music’s influence in Shanghai started in university, after obtaining Jiangsu top-notch singer and other awards,success came when he signed to the SONYBMG record company, that relied on a person that was local and well versed. After meeting famous Chinese producer CLIVE CHIN gave JADO high praise and supported mentorship.


来自日本冲绳的DJ Shohei早年在日本也同样是一位战功赫赫的MC,平日除了与同伴Jado宣传雷鬼乐外,更是一位爱用硬件开发研究音乐的高人,他所创立的Party厂牌“Jungle Rumble”也是夜上海的头一块“雷鬼招牌”!

 擅长日文和中文Reggae风格的Rap.尤其是在即兴发挥上有着非常强的实力。从小就接触冲绳民族音乐。进入中学后开始建立自己Rock风格的乐队。在自己音乐内涵不断提高的同时,在冲绳和一些同伴一起组建了一支说唱摇滚乐队。在乐队了担任主唱的位置。 Shohei喜欢的音乐类型非常广泛。最擅长及偏爱的还是Jungle/ Drum n Bass音乐。曾去美国留学了一段时间,更在当地吸收了HIPHOP的文化的精髓。2003年留学上海,结识了很多上海的Hip hop人士。组建成立了021crew,是整个团队中最有个性的一位成员。2004年参加了冲绳MC Free Style Battle,并且夺得了第二名的优异成绩。



曾住在旧金山与新西兰北岛游走当地音乐场景,回国后一直推广Reggae音乐文化与派对,身影也遍布于全国各地的地下派对,疯狂的收藏各种好听的音乐同时,也是一位张开嘴就停不了的Reggae Selector。


The iconic local rap legend MC Webber is recognized has one of the pioneer of Chinese rap. With 10 years experience as a DJ and nearly 20 years experience as a rapper, Raddam Ras aka MC Webber has achieve quite a lot in the musical field. He has given over 500 concerts and he’s the creator of the multi-messages lyrics in Chinese rap.

Raddam Ras started linking reggae with electronic. For him Reggae is a music that can fit in every other musical genre, and it plays an important role in the development and influence of reggae in China. DJ Raddam RAS (Mc Webber) is bringing a powerful vibe in what we call the “Future Reggae”, using earthquake shaking bass and amazingly powerful drums that will force you to move no matter what! A live culture shock between Jamaican roots and powerful electronic Drum&Bass, a slice of Hip-hop and just what you need of Funk. Get ready to let your soul into a new power dynamic impact!


General Huge is a Ragga, Reggae, Dancehall singer, songwriter and beat maker. He is also the co-founder of DB Bros Records, the first and exclusively dedicated to reggae, record label ever built in China.On stage, General Huge made several cooperation during his career, either alongside his band UBC or solo, opening for the Chinese reggae band 龙神道 (Long Sheng Dao), Jado, the jamaican superstars Anthony B and Perfect Giddimani but also for the UK dancehall stars Tippa Irie and Ras Demo as well as Nancy and Phoebe from Congo Natty, or Lady Chann, the UK dancehall queen. He also worked with the one and only Heavy HK, the old raggamuffin veteran U-Brown as well as the French reggae singers Don Camilo and Taiwan MC