Zulu Bob drops new EP

Feel It is the start of a journey. A journey in which there is no end in site. Where friends join together to create sounds. Sounds that they believe are able to speak for themselves. Speaking in such volumes that it sets a spark in the heart of an individual. This individual goes by the name of ZuLu BoB.

He gratefully joins this group of friends on their musical journey. A journey where the destination is always the same. Always the same destination but the many roads to choose. His choices to make. Made them he has. Just so you could, “Feel It”.

Born as a ZuLu, named as a BoB a line quite often repeated in his album “Feel It” is one of the ways to describe the different personalities on these tracks. ZuLu BoB, real name Norris Hodge III hails from the Island of Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean.
Never one to shy away from letting his voice be heard, he has always been ready to express himself with and through music. 
He’s grateful to be able to share his music produced by various friends of different nationalities all with different flavors, genres, creativity, and style to their beats.






Who is Zulu Bob ?

Hails from the twin Island of Antigua and Barbuda. From a young age he has been surrounded by the sweet sounds of music. He has always been a member of both school and church choirs and has taken part in many local or school talent competitions as well as being a guest artist at other events. Its no surprise that by moving to china for studies that he jumped in the entertainment scenes. Zulu Bob spends his times working as both a Dj and Mc in Beijing under the alias of NorrisMan but his true joy comes from him being able to share his views and feelings through his music. Working closely with DB Bros, WhyBeatz and Island Trap Records he touches different styles, different genres and is truly dedicated and ecstatic about releasing to the world music from an artist with no barriers