Zulu Bob strikes with “One Way” album

A powerful 8 tracks album that depicts his dedication to music. Co produced by reggae producer General Huge (DB Bros Records) out of China, the giant hip-hop producer Soulspeak out of China & USA, Antigua based “Island Trap”, Drum’n’Bass producer Radiax and the great Dj Jamz.  A mix between Roots-Reggae, Modern Dancehall, Electro and Hip-hop ! This album also features the legendary Lutan Fyah. This album is released by DB Bros Records, the first 100% dedicated to reggae and dancehall music label in China mainland. 

Tracklist :

1. Cross The Atlantic
2. Life Nuh Easy (feat. Lutan Fyah)
3. Feel The Vibe
4. One Way
5.Sen It
6. Movin’ On
7. Head Back Home

Producers(制作人): DB Bros Records / Island Trap Records / Dj Jamz / Soulspeak / Radiax

Arrangment(编曲):DB Bros Records

Mix(缩混):General Huge (雨果)

Distribution (代理): DB Bros Records

Cover Design (封面设计) : Okay

Translation (翻译) : Sistakilla.l